A Birth Poster in 1:1 Scale

✔️ Match any room - modern Scandinavian style
✔️ 1:1 Scale - both length and weight options
✔️ Every Print is Unique - with personalised quote
✔️ Superb quality - designed to last a lifetime
✔️ A Memory on your wall - just beautiful

A Memory That Lasts A Lifetime

The quality of our paper is unmatched. We source and print on the best quality paper we can find. Backed by our 100% Baby Sketch Guarantee - we know you are going to love this piece of art.


"Oh my heart! I am so happy that @mybabysketch is finally here!!! I have been putting Olivia beside this sketch how many times already and just couldn't get over of how much she grew and how tiny she was before. How time flies. Thank you, Jess! I really love your work!💯"

Rochelle S.Toronto, Canada.

  • 1. Choose Your Art Style

    We've created a simple interface for you to design your baby sketch. Works on both desktop and mobile. Start by choosing either a Sketchy style or a Single Line more abstract style.

  • 2. Customize Your Design

    We give the choice of a 'slighter' and a 'fuller' body shape. This weight representation is unique to My Baby Sketch. Of course you can also change orientation, color and layout.

  • My Baby Sketch - My Baby Sketch Shop-PRINT_SCALED

    3. Personalize Your Print

    Also unique to My Baby Sketch, is the ability to add a meaningful quote to your print. You also have full copy control over the layout of the birth details - use the 'advanced options' to format your birth details however you prefer.


"The print quality & paper quality is fantastic. The print is also super cute & simple enough to be versatile in where I hang it in the house."

JodiHays, KS

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Bring A Smile To Your Face Every Day

This piece of art will evoke all of those beautiful baby memories every single day you look at it. Marvel at just how much they have grown and how far you have come.


I absolutely ADORE my print of my sweet Aimee!! It is exactly what I wanted and more. I wanted something unique to remember her size by and this was beyond perfect. We love walking by it every day in our living room and cannot wait for our guest to see it next!ElizabethSanta Monica, CA

Our mission: Carbon Neutrality.
Art that warms your heart & cools the earth 🌎

We are acutely aware that the very nature of our art, and the superb thickness and quality of the paper we use, means that trees get cut down. To offset that, and to commit fully to a carbon neutral business. We plant one tree for every print we sell via donations to onetreeplanted.org

When you purchase our art we partner with onetreeplanted.org who plant a tree on your behalf in your country to actively combat global warming.

Every print you purchase is actively tackling climate change, improving air quality and encouraging biodiversity.

We have multiple print locations around the world and always print on demand at the location closest to you. No wastage, and reducing our carbon footprint and provide you with art in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner.


Meet the Artist: Jess Langham

Hi, I'm Jess! I helped create this business for two reasons.

First of all, my husband travels a lot and I wanted something to focus on while he was away. Secondly, I once heard you should try and work on something you love. And I love nothing more than my kids and art.

So here we are!

I hope you take the time to create your own Baby Sketch, every single one is a physical representation of Love. The sketches are based on my kids, when they were born.I truly believe you will enjoy looking at it every day hanging on your wall.

Much love and thanks,

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